Sunday, January 13, 2013

You've Been Rated! Bringing Courtesy Back To Retail

Courtesy is described by, as "the gift of treating others with warmth and respect.  It means affording dignity to people by being considerate, responsive, and kind in our dealings with them."

Customer service is a dying art.  Businesses get so concerned with profits and bottom lines that they forget that it is 'John and Jane Public' that provide those profits and bottom lines!  If I, as 'Jane Public' receive excellent customer service, I will be a frequent loyal customer.  If I receive poor customer service, not only will I shun the business and I will let everyone know of the poor service.  

I am not a Customer Service Expert but I do know manners and courtesies.  I have been in a customer service role for over thirty years.  I have given good customer service and I have given poor service.  I have attended countless customer service classes over the years.  My training and experiences have honed my skills into superb customer service skills.  Customer Service is my Forte!  

My goal for this blog is to return courteous customer service to Retail.  I will write of my dealing with retail businesses and rate them in service, responsiveness, meeting needs, kindness, cleanliness and overall pleasantness.  I will give my thoughts and opinions to explain the 'whys' of my ratings in hopes to leave my little corner of the world better than when I entered.  

My rating system is simple--1 to 5:  
          1--Horrible Bad
          2--Not good
          3--Neutral Okay
          5--Outstanding Superb WOW! 

Returning courteous customer service to Retail! 

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